Frenchie's Metal

285 Flying Cloud Drive, Chaska, MN 55318

Phone  # 763-258-7011

Monday Thru Friday 8-4

We Buy Junk Cars and all types of Scrap Metals

We specialize in buying, processing and selling non-ferrous metals recycling.

Copper, Aluminum, Copper Coils, Brass, Lead, Diecast, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Batteries, Cans, Transformers, Electric Motors, Aluminum Shavings, Insulated Aluminum, Radiators, Alloys, Electric Meters, Water, Meters, Insulated Copper Wire, Figure 8 Cable, Heater Cores, High Grade Metals, Wire, Wheels, Catalytic Convertors.

We provide expert ferrous processing services to a host of clients, including private businesses, demolition companies and the general public. Materials are safely stored in our 4-10 cubic yard containers while our trucks, cranes, excavators, car crushers, loggers and balers make it easy process just about any material.

We offer a safe, clean, environmentally-friendly facilities filled with dedicated professional staff ready to help you!


285 Flying Cloud Drive, Chaska, MN. 55318


Frenchie's Metal

285 Flying Cloud Drive

Chaska, MN. 55318




Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm.

Saturday Closed

Closed Sundays

Call for special holiday hours

Call ahead for daily and weekly specials.

we have the best satisfaction guarantee in the industry.

We will not be happy until you are satisfied.

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